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Vision and Aims


Heltwate encourages pupils to do the best they can to achieve their potential

in a safe, supportive and calm environment by a team who supports them

throughout their time here.


Our desire is to be Outstanding in every area, to maximise every pupil’s opportunities and potential.

Individual attainment should be the best it can be, LEARNING through enjoyment and hard work are essential. We will set high expectations and create a strong feeling of community.

A family ethos will exist throughout the school. All members should CARE for each other.

Pupil achievement will be SHARED and celebrated no matter how small the steps.

Pupils will GROW and develop socially and life skills will become an important part of that growth.

At Heltwate we aim to:

  • Develop each pupil’s potential to learn and to achieve.
  •  Promote all aspects of each pupil’s development preparing them to make a positive contribution to society and to have an understanding of their rights and responsibilities as citizens.
  •  Encourage pupils to become independent, responsible, accepting and caring people with respect for the beliefs and values of others.
  •  Provide a safe, supportive, calm environment for all pupils

We are committed to:

  •  Ensuring that all our pupils receive the support they need to be physically, socially and emotionally healthy.
  •  Increasing pupils’ awareness and ability to keep themselves safe at school, at home and in the community.
  •  Working in ways that enhance pupils’ confidence and self esteem by encouraging them to take pride in themselves and their school and to value others for who they are.
  •  Providing opportunities for our pupils to make responsible choices within clear boundaries, to understand the effect their behaviour has on others, enabling them to become responsible for their own actions and increasingly independent.
  •  Providing our pupils with the relevant opportunities and experiences which will prepare them for their adult and working life.
  •  Ensuring our safeguarding procedures protect all of our young people.