We believe student welfare encompasses a consistent offer of support and services that promote the physical, mental and social wellbeing of all students within our community, irrespective of their individual diagnoses and SENDs.

We offer our learners a safe, progressive and fun learning environment where their individual strengths are developed and grown, vulnerabilities are overcome through a culture and ethos of care, empathy, tolerance and positive interaction ensuring equal opportunities for all.

Any welfare concerns should always be discussed in the first instance with your child’s class teacher. They work with their support staff team and know and understand children’s needs. Alongside yourselves as parents and carers, they are the school based ‘expert’ on your child.

Additional guidance, support and advice is available through external agencies. If required, your child’s teacher can signpost any issues to the school welfare manager who can access further support.

This may include liaison with medical professionals, such as the school or specialist nursing teams or access to CPFT based Paediatric and Neurodevelopmental Services, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, SALT, or other NHS funded services and clinics. Referrals to counselling and support agencies such as CHUMS, Dhiverse and Little Miracles, amongst others may be possible.

Access to universal support agencies is also available through the Early Help process. More information about this service and other SEN inclusion services can be found at:


and, the SEND local offer which offers information about how to access a wide range of community based leisure and social activities to children and young people with disabilities.


We also liaise with Children’s Social Care services to provide support for our families through the 0-25 (Children with Disabilities) team and with other protective care services which ensure our student’s safety and well-being when families may be facing difficulties and domestic challenges. Teachers and all other school staff with responsibility for safeguarding will always treat any sensitive information regarding your child in the strictest confidence and wherever possible we will seek your consent and agreement to share any information requested by other agencies.


However, in extreme or emergency circumstances, please be aware that we do not require parent consent to share information if we feel that a child in our care is at or is likely to be at immediate risk of significant harm – this expectation forms a part of our statutory safeguarding responsibilities, as referenced in Keeping Children Safe in Education.