Within each appropriate Curriculum Journey at KS3, KS4 and KS5, pupils are given the opportunity for gaining accreditation at Entry Level. The outcome of these will be completely individualised to the pupil depending on what their academic careers paths look like for Post 16/19.

Accreditation will start for some pupils in Year 9. Staff using their knowledge of the pupils cognitive abilities to predict what units will be completed at the end of each key stage at what level. Pupils take ownership of their own accreditation work, pupils are parents are kept up to date with the progress of this termly. 

The Curriculum Journey will work towards some of the following qualifications, ASDAN Life Challenges, PSD, Employability, OCR Life and Living (Home Management), Functional Skills Literacy, Functional Skills Numeracy, Functional Skills ICT and Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. 


Qualifications  Exam Board 
Personal Development Programmes ASDAN
Personal Progress  ASDAN
Workright ASDAN
AQA unit award Scheme AQA
AQA unit award scheme- English and Maths AQA
Equals Moving On EQUALS
Life and Living Skills OCR
Duke of Edinburgh –  Bronze DofE
Arts Award