Heltwate encourages pupils to do the best they can to achieve their potential in a safe, supportive and calm environment by a team who supports them throughout their time here.

We aim;

  • To provide a happy, stimulating, supportive, secure and positive environment which is high in expectation and which creates a strong feeling of community.
  • To provide a broad and balanced education based on the National Curriculum.
  • To ensure pupils in all key stages will receive age appropriate, relevant, curricular opportunities and experiences, which will reflect and respect differing developmental levels.
  • To promote equality of opportunity to maximise pupil potential, academically, morally, socially and emotional.
  • To ensure personal and social needs are met.
  • To stimulate in pupils a positive attitude to lifelong learning through a foundation of curiosity and interest in the world around them.
  • To provide pupils with opportunities to develop active leisure interests which will enhance their adult lives.
  • To promote continuity and progression through collaboration, joint planning and evaluation.
  • To maintain efficient recording, assessment and reporting processes.
  • To be active in its partnership with parents/carers and all other agencies.
  • To ensure that all staff feel valued and able to contribute positively to the development of the school.
  • To encourage and support the professional development of all staff thus promoting continual school development.
  • To forge links with the community, its people, schools, business, social groups, and those training in the education and caring professions.