We are very aware that as time progresses the prospect of leaving school for some is a very anxious time. At Heltwate we try and support both students and their families throughout this process to ensure as smooth transition as possible.

As educational professionals we will make you aware of:

  1. The Post 16/19 provisions in the surrounding areas
  2. The entry criteria for these provisions.
  3. Notifying you about open days and events.
  4. Explaining the application process and time frames.
  5. Making you aware of the appeals process.
  6. Where possible we will arrange parent visits to these colleges.
  7. Visit the colleges with the students.
  8. Allow for interviews and taster days.

The process for many often starts the year before the student is due to leave. We encourage both students and their parents/carers to visit the establishments and where possible apply to 2 or more colleges by the Autumn term of their last year. From here each college then usually offers an interview and taster days. Depending on the college you may be informed after this whether the student has a place for the following September.

Once Heltwate is made aware of the applications and acceptances we will then coordinate with the transitions teams from the colleges and arrange for visits. This forms part of our transition planning.

It is an exciting time where students can explore potential Post-16 establishments which allow them to study and further their education in a field that suits them. This could be in a School or College setting. Try where possible to include your child in all decision making.

During the autumn term we highly recommend you attend open evenings at the colleges in the area. Heltwate will endeavour to send you a list of open dates. Staff will be on hand to make suggestions and help answer any queries you may have.

Students from Heltwate often apply for and visits the following colleges:

City College Peterborough To be taken to their website please click here.

Peterborough Regional College To be taken to their website please click here.

New Stamford College To be taken to their website please click here.

Marshfields Special Needs School To be taken to their website please click here.

Lime Academy Orton To be taken to their website please click here.

Olympic College at Heltwate school To be taken to their website please click here.


Staff at Heltwate cannot tell you where to apply for however we can discus the courses available and the entry criteria which often is helpful when choosing a college. 

Typically most Post-16 establishments in Peterborough have a closing date ranging from November through to March.
Parents are advised to make an application to two different establishments.

Were possible please inform the school of your applications and your preferred placement. 

Applicants are usually informed of the Post-16 provider’s decision in the Spring term. Wait until all offers are received before making your final choice.
You have the right to appeal by contacting the local authority and/or college/school.

Heltwate in conjunction with most Post-16 establishments will aim to provide transition days; allowing students to become familiar with staff and students at their new placement. These days usually take place in the Summer term. New student information meetings will also take place.