All children up to the age of 18 must, by law attend school unless there are medical reasons for absence. We expect all pupils to attend. Attendance at Heltwate is above National Average for a special school. We will always work to maintain this level.

Attendance for the School Year from Sep 2021 – 11 February 2022 is 89.7%

Attendance for the Autumn Term 2021 is 90.8% 

Absence related to COVID testing / symptoms does not get counted in the figures




If a pupil has a morning appointment (at hospital for example) please arrange them to return to school after the appointment.

Similarly, please pick up your child at lunchtime for an afternoon appointment whenever possible

Pupils will not be authorised to take holidays in term time, except in exceptional circumstances.

Leave of absence request forms can be downloaded from the website or obtained from the school office –  and must be filled in prior to a leave of absence being taken.

The Headteacher will review each request on an individual basis.

We recognise the good attendance of our students with termly certificates. There are 4 levels of award :

Bronze:           94% & 95%
Silver:             96% & 97%
Gold:               98 & 99%
Gold & 100%: 100%

There may also be a small gift!

At the end of the school year we also award the pupils who have 100% attendance for the year.

Pupils who miss lessons increase the risk of falling behind and also miss the opportunities to develop their friendships and social skills.  If you are experiencing difficulties with your child’s attendance please contact our attendance officer at school so we can discuss any necessary support.

We understand that illness can of course be unavoidable and then the resulting absence from school.  We may in some cases request from you medical evidence of persistent or lengthy illness absences.

We monitor all absence regularly and use our discretion regarding your child’s individual needs and circumstances if we feel your child’s attendance is becoming a concern.