There is a school uniform.

A school sweatshirt in navy blue with the school logo is available from school.

Polo shirts in blue or white will be worn under the sweatshirts.

In summer time the polo shirts can be worn without the sweatshirts.  If parents of girls prefer a blue and white dress may be worn.

Parents are also asked to send their children in grey, navy or black trousers, shorts or skirts and plain black shoes.

For the cooler weather we have navy zip-up fleeces with a school logo.

School t-shirts in team colours for PE are available in school.

It is important that shorts, tshirt, trainers and a towel are provided for PE and games sessions.

All items of clothing should be named please.

We request parents/carers to keep children to a sensible dress code, wearing the school uniform, and without extreme hair colour or style, or body piercing. If a pupil has pierced ears, it is always advisable to wear ear studs rather than earrings to minimise any risk of an accident.

Parents are asked to consider their child’s ability to dress him / herself and to try to purchase clothing which does not have fastenings he or she cannot learn to manage.

Please contact the  school office for more information or to place a uniform order.

Alternatively, please download and complete the school uniform Order Form Below.