Heltwate school provides a curriculum suitable for children and young people within the SLD/MLD cognitive range, their ability to make progress will be limited across all areas of development.
They may have a lifelong learning disability which requires a multi-disciplinary service response.
Children will have been assessed using standardised testing of cognitive functioning and will be performing below the 1st percentile.
For primary age children, National Curriculum attainment levels will predominantly be in the range P6 to Year 1 primary curriculum. (principally in PSHE, English and Maths)
Children, joining Heltwate, will be functioning at significantly below their chronological age, i.e. below half their chronological age in most areas of development.
They may have an inconsistent development profile. A differentiated and personalised curriculum will be provided to meet their significant needs.
The opportunities for independent learning and activities may be limited
Please find further Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) information here