School Visits and Trips

Heltwate students have the opportunity to take part in an exciting variety of extra curricular activity; Ranging from ; music theatre, sports, outdoor pursuits, camping, volunteer work to name a few.

There is something for everyone.

The school has four minibuses, which are important for supporting a wide range of in school activities such as swimming and horse riding.  They are also used widely to support and enhance curriculum experiences for the children for at least one session per week. All groups have a trained and designated driver.

Parents/carers are asked to sign to agree to their child taking part in these regular “out of school” activities when they fill out the “Pupil Information” form.

Class teachers go to extraordinary lengths to try to ensure that most pupils have the opportunity to make a residential visit.  These visits are organised to take into account the special needs and maturity of pupils.  Parents are asked only to contribute to the cost of “board and lodging”. We depend on parent’s contributions to keep these visits going.

Our charging policy means we will not exclude pupils who cannot pay, but visits may be modified if insufficient payments are received.  Please refer to school Charging and Remissions Policy.