Mr Gibson (Leaver of 2017)

“Hi I just wanted to say this school it the best school I have ever been to. Help me a lot all the staff have. It was lovely warm inviting school.  It felt very welcoming when I was there. The teachers are the best lovey teacher and teacher assistant I have ever met, though I will not be saying who. When you leave this school you will wish you can come back and do it all over again.
Thanks you. You can not know what you have all done for me.”

“This email for all the teachers and teachers assistant at Heltwate school”


My child loves this school. BRILLIANT!



Once again, the staff and pupils have excelled themselves with the fantastic selection of food…. Well done everyone for all your hard work

Sport Coaches

We love coming to Heltwate School – lovely friendly staff and very interesting children. We love delivering sport in this school.


What an amazing school. Friendly staff and students, smiling faces everywhere.

Ms Francisco

I was informed about my sons educational development…his learning skills have improved considerably.

An Aunt

Excellent school , am very happy with Heltwate School. Excellent relation between teachers and the pupils. Also very good advice given to parents at all times. This school is a lifeline for my nephew.