After School Club aims to provide Heltwate pupils an opportunity to develop social, creative and practical life skills through structured activities and free time in a safe and fun environment.

After School Club runs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 3pm – 5pm.

Each evening once the pupils arrive we have a drink, we then go into the main activity which is followed by structured choosing and a healthy snack. We usually finish the evening with a story before home time.

Monday’s session is Social games – we do a variety of activities such as board games, card games or using the sports equipment in the hall or outside. We encourage children to interact by helping each other and playing games where communication is needed.

Tuesday’s session is cooking – the children plan the different recipes they wish to try through out the year. We alternate between savoury and sweet foods weekly to ensure we promote healthy eating. The staff encourage the pupils to delevop independent cooking skills and life skills such as following instructions and helping to wash and tidy up.

Wednesday’s session is Arts & Crafts – We try to link Arts & Crafts to significant events throughout the school year, such as Bonfire Night, Christmas and Easter etc. We encourage the children to develop their imagination and artistic skills to make lots of fabulous creations for them to be proud of.

Thursday’s session is Sensory – This session is aimed at pupils who benefit from sensory experiences. We use both of the sensory rooms, one light and sound based and the other physical activity based. We often rotate which room we go in and sometimes set up sensory circuits in the hall. We also provide stations with different activities such as a tray of shaving foam, a water tray with bubbles, dried pasta, straws to blow bubbles and gloop etc to allow the pupils to explore all of their senses.

There are occasional dates that sessions do not run as usual. However, we aim to give enough notice if this is happening.


Each session costs £7.00

If your child receives Pupil Premium, then the cost of each session is £3.50.

We prefer payments to be paid up front on a half termly basis.

However, we know this can sometimes be tricky and are willing to discuss other payment plans for those individuals.

For any other enquiries please email us on and we will get back to you as soon as possible.