Progress made by KS4 accredited curriculum

The Accreditation schemes used at Heltwate (OCR and ASDAN) are frameworks designed for young people with severe or profound and multiple learning difficulties, generally with a cognitive ability between P6 and end of YR2 curriculum with a range of other physical and medical needs.

The schemes we use include a range of personal, social and practical skill areas containing ‘bite-size’ modules that allow our students to build a profile of achievement best suited to their individual needs and skills. It offers maximum flexibility as candidates have the option of achieving as many or as few modules as are appropriate to their individual needs, and these modules can be continued and expanded as they transition from Heltwate to post 16. Most Heltwate students begin to access accreditation from Year 9, and continue into Years 10 and 11. Elements of the curriculum will not be accredited for all pupils. Individual programmes may be modified for each pupil.

KS4 accreditation results – 13 students

  • All students achieved at least an award in OCR Life and Living Skills at either Entry 1, 2 or 3
  • 12 of 13 students completed at least 2 ASDAN   /  PSD modules. 2 students achieved full awards.
  • 10 of 12 achieved an Award at Entry Level 2 in Employability
  • 13 of 13 successfully transitioned to various Post 16 placements to continue on these accredited pathways.

KS4 Communication/Literacy and Maths/Numeracy outcomes.

All students will have completed a Life and Living skills taught programme which includes 2 lessons a week each for English and Maths. Where appropriate work has been accredited according to the unit standards. A students best units will be entered for an award and this may not necessarily include Literacy and Numeracy units.

More details can be found in Progress and Achievement