Welcome to Key Stage 4 at Heltwate Special Needs School

There are approximately 30 students within the Key Stages at any time. These are split between 4 classes depending upon their needs and requirements. Students are encouraged to reach their full potential both in their personal social development as well as their academic achievements.
The Key Stage 4 team are dedicated members of staff who support students to ensure that they achieve the most out of their time at Heltwate.
Typically students leave Heltwate School with a number of qualifications that include functional skills, vocational experiences as well as Personal Social Development (PSD). We use a number of examination boards that include ASDAN and OCR.
The functional skills qualification by OCR comprises core skills such as Literacy (Communication), Mathematics (Numeracy) and Computing (ICT) as well as other curriculum and vocational skills such as Manufacturing and Art & Design for example.
Heltwate enjoys links with the local colleges and businesses and strives to provide relevant industrial visits and work experiences that prepare students for adult life. Students are encouraged to explore their local community and colleges and with support from parents/carers & guardians select a suitable Post-16 provision.
Heltwate works very closely with the Post 16 provisions in the area. Students will meet the Post-16 representatives from each college so that they are better informed about their choices.
Students and parents/guardians are encouraged to attend Post 16 Events as well as Open Evenings so that students can make an informed choice about their future.

Please see our Curriculum guide for more details

The Key Stage 4 curriculum has been carefully designed to support our students learning needs in a variety of ways.
It is compulsory that all students should study:
* English/Literacy/Communication
* Mathematics/Numeracy
* Science
* Religious Education (RE)
* Personal Social Health Citizenship Education (PSHCE)
* Physical Education (PE)
* ICT/Computing

Students are also given the opportunity to study:
* Employability
* Art
* Music
* Humanities (Geography & History)
* Horticulture

Please see our Curriculum guide for more details

Each unit that a student completes has a credit value. Approximately 1 credit represents 10 hours worth of learning. These are often referred to as Guided Learning Hours (which is time that must be spent teaching the unit).

There are three different sizes of qualification:

  • Awards (1 to 12 credits)
  • Certificates (13 to 36 credits)
  • Diplomas (37 credits or more)

As students accumulate credits they will be sent the appropriate award. Credits can be accrued throughout the students’ academic life. Many of these courses are continued in Post 16 education.

Heltwate School aims to ensure that students leave with qualifications in English, Mathematics and ICT as well as a Personal and Social Development qualification (PSD).

The prospect of moving onto Post-16 education can be both exciting and terrifying for students and their family. Heltwate in conjunction with Connexions will aim to ensure that this process is as smooth as possible.

How do I know where to choose?
It is an exciting time where students can explore potential Post-16 establishments which allow them to study and further their education in a field that suits them. This could be in a School or College setting. Try where possible to include your child in all decision making.
During the autumn term we highly recommend you attend open evenings at the colleges in the area. Heltwate will endeavour to send you a list of open dates. Staff will be on hand to make suggestions and help answer any queries you may have.

How do I apply?
Typically most Post-16 establishments in Peterborough have a closing date ranging from November through to March.
Parents are advised to make an application to two different establishments.

When is the decision made?
Applicants are usually informed of the Post-16 provider’s decision in the Spring term. Wait until all offers are received before making your final choice.
You have the right to appeal by contacting the local authority.

What then?
Heltwate in conjunction with most Post-16 establishments will aim to provide transition days; allowing students to become familiar with staff and students at their new placement. These days usually take place in the Summer term. New student information meetings will also take place.

Where appropriate work experience is offered to our Key Stage 4 students. Students find that work experience prepares them for the possibility of future employment.
Heltwate strives to place Year 11 student in at least ne placement. These placements take place in a number of employment sectors that include:
* Retail (e.g. Sainsbury’s, WH Smith, Bodyshop)
* Agricultural (e.g. New Ark Farm, Moor Farm)
* Charitable and Voluntary (e.g. Help the Aged, Goldhay Arts, Age Concern)
* Environmental (e.g. Frog life)
* Hospitality, Sports and Leisure (e.g. Vivacity, Mc Donalds)
* Performance and creative arts (e.g. The Cresset)
* Teaching and education (e.g. Teaching Assistant at Heltwate School; Nursery assistant at Paston Playdays)

The experience allows students to understand the realities of working and gives a taster to see if they have the skills and qualities needed to work in these sectors.

Many employers will look for people with previous work experience practice. Students have often taken their Record of Achievement folders / Progress Files into interviews and shown prospective employers their work experience reports.

The work experience programme is used to help accredit students work in both ASDAN’s Employability and OCR’s World of Work modules.

Residential trips are an important and valuable part of a student’s school experience. The trips often enhance the curriculum and allow students to take part in activities that they may not usually encounter. Residential trips encourage independence, team work and often strengthen students’ relationships not only with their peers but also staff. Camps have the beneficial effect of often boosting self esteem and confidence.

Key Stage 4 has a good history of conducting short residential camps that often take place in the Summer term. Activities have included boat trips, seal spotting, night time walks, exploring the woodland environment as well as looking around historical landmarks.

The financial implications for these camps for some parents can be significant and for this reason the school will organise camps and let parents know as soon as they can (within the Autumn term). Parents are able to pay via a payment plan that spreads the cost over 6 months.

Every year Heltwate celebrates the accomplishments and achievements of our Year 11 students in the form of a presentation evening.

Students, parents / carer, family and friends are invited into school to share all the students hard work and experiences. The evening is usually hosted by the Chair of Governors together with the Head Teacher.

As part of the evening a film is shown of each students achievements and experiences. Students are presented with a personal Record of Achievement / Progress File.

Special awards are given to a student from Orange and a student from Ruby in recognition of an outstanding work experience placement. Bretton Council also presents a Citizenship award.

Heltwate currently uses the following exam boards to accredit student’s work using a variety of functional and vocational courses.

OCR is a leading UK awarding body.  They provide qualifications which engage people of all ages and abilities at school, college, in work or through part-time learning programmes.

ASDAN is a pioneering curriculum development organisation and awarding body, offering programmes and qualifications that explicitly grow skills for learning, skills for employment and skills for life.

D of E is a qualification that pushes personal boundaries. It is for adventurous, caring, sporty, creative students with their personal journeys involving: