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Support with Education Health Care Plans (EHCP)

What are Education Health Care Plans?
EHCP are replacing Statements of Special Educational Needs. These are going to be phased in over the next two years. The plans are for children and young people aged between 0 and 25 years of age who have a special educational need. At the meeting outcomes are identified and matched to the needs of the individual ensuring that the child/young person and their families are at the core of the planning and reviewing process.

For additional information please visit the local authority website:
Health Education Care Plan Local Authority Information Page

Parent Support
Peterborough in conjunction with SCOPE provide support for people and families who are or want to go through the Education Health Care Plan process. They will provide independent support and advice throughout the process. If you wish to make contact please follow the link below or phone 0808 800 3333,-Peterborough

Heltwate School and EHCP
All students at Heltwate School have a Statement of Educational needs in line with the local authority strategy these are being converted to EHCP over the next two years (2015-2017). The Assistant Head Teacher Leadership Support will ensure these are completed efficiently clearly focusing on the pupil and parents wishes and needs and that those teaching or working with the child or young person are aware of their needs and have arrangements in place to meet them. The school will ensure that teachers monitor and review the pupil’s progress during the course of a year.

Formal reviews of the EHC plan will take place at least annually. If a pupil’s SEND change, the local authority will be informed and will arrange to hold a review as soon as possible to ensure that provision specified in the EHC plan is appropriate.

Current EHCP Procedures 2015-16
Currently the SEND officers at Peterborough City Council help coordinate the EHCP timetable along with The Assistant Head Teacher Leadership Support. Relevant persons are notified within good time of the proposed meeting date. You will also receive information about the EHCP process from the SEND team.
Meetings are held at the school and will be run by either an SEND Officer or the Classroom teacher who acts as the SENDCo for their individual class. These reports are then typed and processed within two weeks and passed onto the SEND team for checking and approving.

The Heltwate School EHCP team are dedicated to the process and believe that this student led process is core to ensuring that the needs of the student are met. With the support of the local SEND officers team Heltwate have developed our own EHCP meeting process, which has been highly successful.

Priority students are those that are in a transfer year (Year 6, 11 & 14); these EHCP meetings (Transfer review meetings) will be held in the Autumn Term 2015. The following year groups will have EHCP in the Spring and Summer term 2016: Years 2, 4, 8, 9, 10 & 13.


Below is the current version of our meeting notes grids. If you are using these yourself for your own EHCP meetings please print these onto A3 to ensure enough space for notation. The purpose of these “pages” is so that they are visible throughout the planning meeting, making the process as transparent as possible to all involved.

Available Support with Education Health Care Plans (EHCP) Downloads