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Key Stage 4

Welcome to Key Stage 4 at Heltwate Special Needs School.

There are approximately 35 students within the Key Stage at any time. These are split between 3 classes depending upon their needs and requirements. Students are encouraged to reach their full potential both in their personal social development as well as their academic achievements.

The Key Stage 4 team are dedicated members of staff who support students to ensure that they achieve the most out of their time at Heltwate.

Typically students leave Heltwate School with a number of qualifications that include functional skills, vocational experiences as well as Personal Social Development (PSD). We use a number of examination boards that include ASDAN and OCR.

Heltwate enjoys links with the local colleges and businesses and strives to provide relevant industrial visits and work experiences that prepare students for adult life. Students are encouraged to explore their local community and colleges and with support from parents/carers & guardians select a suitable Post-16 provision.

Heltwate works very closely with the Post 16 Connexions team in Peterborough. Students meet the Connexions advisor throughout the year and will attend individual interviews. Students and parents/guardians are encouraged to attend Post 16 Events as well as Open Evenings so that students can make an informed choice about their future. 

Key Stage Guide & Curriculum forecast available for download below